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West Essex Bowmen 70M
Date: 27/04/2009 22:03

On Sunday the 26th April I shot the double 720 70m round at West Essex Bowmen. It was a nice day but a little windy. I shot ok for the start of the season and think that the season will go well. I came 1st which is also a great start. This new shoot is on a very nice field and once it becomes world record status I'm sure it will pull in all the best archers.

gmx weight increase
Date: 24/03/2009 15:14

today i shot my gmx again and i decided i will increase my draw weight up to 44lbs through the clicker which may take me from x10 500 to 450s. Also the bow is more front heavy than the nexus so i think i will try a back weight in the back of the handle. Tests to come.

gmx is now ready to shoot
Date: 24/03/2009 15:08

last week i shot new personal best scores in practise with my nexcus with 990 limbs increasing my 18m and 25m scores both to 576. Also my portsmouth to 589. So now i starting outdoors its time to get the gmx out and carry on the good shooting. It all feels good so far and i am tuning it in. More to come. . .

suffolk and essex indoor champs
Date: 24/03/2009 15:01

last weekend i shot at the suffolk and essex indoor champs which was a fita 25m round. I shot ok but the hall was a bit dark. I scored 568 which was enough to win so now i am senior indoor recurve champ for suffolk and essex. So good stuff.

Nationals Champs
Date: 25/02/2009 21:55

The qualifying round did not start too well as I was struggling with front shoulder pain but after a while I managed to adjust my technique so I could get the arrow through the clicker smoothly. I finished with 562 which ranked me 13th.
The Head 2 Heads started and in my first match I scored well with 117 which saw me through easily. My second match felt comfortable in the shot but I was not scoring the required 10s. So unfortunately I only shot 110 which was not enough so that was the end of the weekend. I finish in 14th place. Not as good as last years 5th place.
So the weekend contained highs and lows but it was a good event. I look forward to do better next year.

Home Nations Champs
Date: 25/02/2009 21:55

During the national champs there was also an international between England, N.Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Within the recurve section there are 2 men and 2 women in a team. The England team consisted of Chris Wells, Michelle Kiddy, Wendie Stevens and myself. I scored 562, Chris 559, Wendie 535 and Michelle 520.
Going into the last dozen England were 4 points behind Scotland and by the end ENGLAND won by 6 points followed by Scotland then Wales then N. Ireland.
England has not won since 2004 so this was a great result.

Rutland Combined 25m & 18m
Date: 15/02/2009 21:47

Today I went to shoot at the rutland combined 25m &18m shoot. I shot well for most of the 25m round until the last 6 arrows when I tightened up. I scored 567 which was ok but was not the 570 i wanted. The 18m round did not go so well as I found it hard to get through the clicker cleanly. I shot 560. The main thing I learnt this weekend is that I need to improve my shot through the clicker as it is far to much work at the moment. Must now get ready for the national next weekend.

Vegas Day three
Date: 13/02/2009 15:32

Day three also resulted in another round of 277 which was caused by a couple of lazy 8s. I finished in 6th place which still left me in the money.

Vegas Day Two
Date: 13/02/2009 15:29

Day two was going well until I had an accident near the end of the round when I shot on the clicker next to me. This resulted in a 6 and a total score of 277. I was very annoyed and slipped to 5 place.

Vegas Day one
Date: 13/02/2009 15:23

Well after snow, one canceled plane a 24hr wait then a 3hr delay on the next plane we finally took off and got to Vegas 10hrs later.
After one days sight seeing at the Grand Canyon and a practice day the shoot got underway.
On my first day I shot 284 out of 300 which I was very pleased with. During this round I was in 1st place and ended up in 3rd by one point.

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