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picked for england
Date: 22/01/2009 09:56

good news today. I have been picked to shoot for england at the nationals.

18/01/08 Prep for Vegas
Date: 18/01/2009 20:04

As leaving for Vegas is now only 2 weeks away I am getting my shooting ready. I will drop the target face down low so it is more similar to the real thing and shot in 2.5 doz sets. Today I shot a fita round to start and continued on to complete a full vegas round. I shot 575 which is a new practice pb on the fita 18m and 859 on the vegas round. So today was a good start to Vegas preparation.

Booked Vegas
Date: 19/12/2008 22:44

Now that Virgin Atlantic flight prices have dropped it is a great time to book those flights to the World Archery Festival in LAS VEGAS. I have booked mine along with many others and we have booked our rooms at the Rivera Hotel. The shoot is Feb 6-8. http://www.nfaa-archery.org/tournaments/vegas/
All practice is with this in mind from now on.

Practice at Tunstall
Date: 16/12/2008 22:02

Today I shot a Fita 18m round at Deben archers at Tunstall hall. I shot well but still had some shaky ends. I shot 570 which I was very pleased with as this is my second score in the 570s so I must make this the norm now. The new Hoyt 990TX limbs felt great!

Ampthill 18m Fita
Date: 15/12/2008 20:42

Although still feeling rough I got up and went to the Ampthill 18m shoot. It was not really shooting very smoothly at all. The best I could do was 563 which was ok but was not the 570 which I wanted. This now puts my three score for the unofficial indoor rankings to 572, 563 and 562 which will hopefully put me into the top ten when the next calculations are realest. Check out Mike Pearts blog for your own rankings.

Date: 13/12/2008 21:41

Practice at BT. I shot from 1-2.30 shooting a practice round before tomorrows shoot at Ampthill. I started off well but tired towards the end as I am still feeling fairly poorly. Tomorrow is important for me to shoot as high as possible as it my last chance to get GB selection scores this year. Early to bed and fingers crossed.

12/12/08 Practice 18m
Date: 12/12/2008 19:41

Due to feeling so bad the day before I decided that I needed to work on breaking down my technique into phases which I could make work when I feel good, bad and under pressure. It went well and I have now booked into the Ampthill 18m shoot on sunday to test it out.

Date: 12/12/2008 19:39

Evening shooting. Really was not feeling to good and it clearing showed that my technique at the moment is not so good when i'm feeling weak. So also took the time to adjust the tiller on my new 990tx limbs as they had come up wrong. I have set them to 1mm shorter on the bottom limb. Also by doing this I increase the draw weight slightly which makes it 41.6 lbs through the clicker which is how my 900cx limbs were.

Setting up the 990TX limbs
Date: 10/12/2008 21:18

Today I went to shoot at Copleston School in ipswich. I decided to set up my new Hoyt 990TX limbs. I have been shooting my 900CX 38lb long limbs and I wanted to set the new limbs up the same. Firstly I weighed the lb as my arrow went through the clicker and recorded the brace height. I then put the new 990tx 38lbs long in and set the brace height the same. I then weighed the draw weight through the clicker. The lbs was 1lb low. Therefore up wound the limbs up 1 turn and made sure the brace height stayed the same. This achieved the same draw weight. I then spent the evening shooting them. I found the shot to be very positive with no flap or vibration in the limb after the shot. Very good and also my scoring was high. I look forward to seeing how I get on over the next week.

09/12/08 Portsmouth compound league match
Date: 10/12/2008 21:09

Today was the Deben archers postal league shoot for compound. I got my Hoyt ultraelite XT3500 bow out. I had not shot compound since the previous months match. This month my aim was a bit shaky but that is to be expected. I shot 582 which was ok.

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