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Face to Face day 2
Date: 08/12/2008 17:26

Day two was once again the same format as the first day consisting of the match winners and highest scoring losers going through.
I was not shooting as well in practice before the match started but put everything I had into shooting my best. I was unable to make the two match points winner having lost my matches by a couple of points. My last match was my best scoring 115 but it was not high enough to win. I scored a total of 556 which was far from my best. This meant the end of my Face 2 Face competition. As this is my first year of Recurve I was pleased with my performance against the worlds best and maybe if I was in another group or shooting my best I could have got a lot further.
Day three was the finals. As with all the rounds the archers come into the shooting hall with the lights going out and flashing lights come on with music, which is great for the archers, a spectators. The finals were great. Check them out on the Face 2 Face web site.

My score board
Date: 08/12/2008 17:13

8 points

Day one Result
Date: 08/12/2008 17:03


Face tp Face day one
Date: 08/12/2008 17:02

Once again the trip to Face 2 Face was very easy. We travelled from Stansted airport to Amsterdam with Easyjet. We then took a 5min two stop train ride from Schiphol to Amsterdam RAI. We then arrived and took a 3 min walk to the Novatel hotel. The event laid on transport too and from the sports centre each day.
The competition started on Friday for the Recurve men with about 90 archers. All the archers were placed randomly into groups of 6 people. The archers then shot in two sessions completing a round robin of head to heads against the 5 other members in your group. You score 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. At the end the top 2 winners from each group go through to the next round by right. They also take a few of the top losing archers who scored the highest totals from the 5 doz arrows scored. Therefore there are two way to progress. Win the most matches or score very high.
I shot very well in my matches winning 4 of the 5 therefore scoring 8 points, which put me in second place. This meant I went through by right on match points. I scored a total of 565 in my matches on the 18m fita round.
I was very pleased to win my matches and make it through to the second day.

Portsmouth League match
Date: 02/12/2008 22:53

Today we shot the Portsmouth postal league match at Deben Archery club. I shot ok but It was not as stable as I wanted. I scored 577.

Fakenham Fita 18m
Date: 01/12/2008 20:20

I have never been to the Fakenham shooting hall before so to find such a great hall was a real find. The lighting was perfect and the facilities were spot on including great BBQ for food.
I was entered into the first session at 10am. My shooting did not start well and was much the same as the day before practice. I really struggled my way through finding it hard to get through the clicker smoothly.
As this did not go well I entered the second session and slowly started to improve as I found that most of my problem was due to slowing down too much in the shot. My shot must have slowed down during the week as I was getting tired. I had a strong second half and finished with 550.
Knowing I had really started to improve I decided to shoot the final session even though I was getting tired. I started of strong scoring 115 for the first doz. The 2nd doz followed with 112 with a shaky bit in the middle. I then shot 114 114 for the 3rd/4th doz which were going strong. At this point I new I was on for a good score if I could hold it together. I was nervous but was very determined to shoot strong fast shots. This is what happened next 10,10,10 felt relieved to get a good start. 10,10,10 feeling strong but a slight pain from the front shoulder. Then thinking 6 good shots to finish. 10,9,9 still felt good. Then finally finishing with 10,10,9 for a 117 doz. At this point I was very pleased and finished with a total of 572 which is a new pb for myself. All in all the event turned out great after a hard battle from the start. Was utterly shattered by the end.

Sat Training
Date: 01/12/2008 20:03

Well I was hoping to do well as I had been all week but for some reason I was finding shooting difficult. I was getting a lot of left and right movement. I have put the problems down to shooting a lot during the week and was tired hoping tomorrow at Fakenham Fita18 goes better.

Friday afternoon training
Date: 28/11/2008 16:41

I have just finished shooting at my Friday afternoon training venue from 1-3pm. Once again I put more points on my practice scores. Also tested the bare shaft and it is still in the gold. As I am feeling good I don't want to tune it any more for now. I am now looking forward to the weekend shoot as I hope to improve my indoor ranking by some margin.

Training at Blue Arrows
Date: 28/11/2008 16:37

Thursday evening is training at the Blue Arrows club which during the winter is based at Thurleston School in Ipswich. we normally shoot 18m but 25m is possible.
In preparation for the face 2 face I am now shooting practice rounds and as many arrows as I can. My shooting in now improving and everyday I am putting points on my practice rounds.
After shooting well I decided that I shoot go to a competition at the weekend to get match ready. I have now booked into Fakenham shoot in Norwich which is an 18m fita.

training at gipping valley
Date: 27/11/2008 10:23

last night i went shooting at gipping valley club at copleston school in ipswich. I shot well but found my tech to be suffering towards the end. I need to increase the number of arrows i'm shooting as i'm not match fit. I think i will enter into the fakenham 18m shoot this weekend in prep for face 2 face.

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