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Hamskea Arojac Arrow Puller

Hamskea Arojac Arrow Puller
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Hamskea Arojac Arrow Puller

The Hamskea Arojac Arrow Puller allows you to save your energy for shooting arrows not pulling arrows. This unique devise allows you to safely pull any arrow, anytime, anywhere with little effort.

The AroJac was designed to pull arrows from stubborn, cold, hard to pull 3-D targets as well as stiff compressed FITA butts, rubber mats or even trees & wood. The Arojac also works great with pulling crossbow bolts out of high density foam targets.

The AroJac grips the arrow shaft with it's self gripping jaws, while the lever handle is rotated backwards causing the jaws to move away from the target, thus pulling the arrow out of the target with each movement of the handle. This is a perfect tool for any indoor or outdoor range and is probably the easiest and safest way to get your arrow back out again and without damaging your arrow.

The perfect accesory for the Arojac is the Hamskea holster which can be found here, the holster hold the Arojac when not in use and allows you to attach it to your belt for easy transportation.

Click the video below to see the Arojac in action.

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