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Beiter Bracer

Beiter Bracer
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Beiter Bracer

The Beiter Armguard has perfectly met the needs of archers since it's introduction, preserving the archer’s front part of the arm from being injured by the string. It is possible to combine more Armguard bodies, to make the surface bigger, this also allows you to have your national colours or club colours.

Each Bracer is delivered with 2 rubber bands and 2 Fasteners, which holds the Armguard in the desired position. The tension of the rubber bands can easily be changed pressing with only two fingers on the Fastener. Price each. Available in a wide range of the beiter colours, length 160mm.

Colours (See Image):

  • 1. White #71
  • 2. Black #61
  • 3. Purple #80
  • 4. Dark Blue #46
  • 5. Neon Yellow #21
  • 6. Heavy Orange #35
  • 7. Blue #41
  • 8. Heavy Pink #89
  • 9. Heavy Green #57
  • 10. Flo Red #10
  • 11. Orange #30
  • 12. Flo Green #20

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