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Axcel X-31 Scope - Complete

Axcel X-31 Scope - Complete
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Axcel X-31 Scope - Complete

Axcel X-31 Scope. The Axel X-31 features new scope fibre-optic light openings supply ambient light to the fibre of the ring, while stopping the inaccurate distracting / refracting light from getting into the interior of the scope.

This is the YCS (yoke connection system) option with two screws for a stronger connection to fit the Axcel tournamnet sight. 

Engraved external peep enlignment ring at same depth as a sight pin or lens decal to keep pin centered even when viewed slightly off angle.

Axel's red ring tourque indicator is not visable when set up properly. If you can see red at full draw then it means that you are tourquing your bow

'True center vision' is provided due to the hour glass / venturi shape inside the scope which supplies a circular sight picture refernace even when viewed slightly off center

Please note we usualy hold the 4 and 6 power scopes in stock but the 8 power is a special order item and usually takes around 7 days.


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