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Jamie Bridges Toxophilus 2.0

Jamie Bridges Toxophilus 2.0
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Jamie Bridges Toxophilus 2.0

Toxophilus 2.0. From the blurb of the book:

Toxophilus 2.0 takes over where Roger Ascham's 1545 original left off, reacquainting us with the two protagonists. Tox, a lover of the bow and of shooting and Phi the novice archer who after a few years of trying to put into practice all that he learnes from Tox during their conversations in the Toxophilus has returned to his old tutor to discover more about how to improve his shooting and enjoyment of the sport.

Jamie takes us through a series of 'conversations' between Tox and Phi, in the favourite haunts (sometimes the local pub, sometimes the coffee shop opposite for a bacon butty and mug of proper coffee) and through these discussions we lean more about Phi's journey as an archer and lots about how modern approaches to coaching have their roots in traditional archery and are as relevent today as they were then.

Toxophilus 2.0 brings a modern twist to traditional shooting and is a must-read for all traditional archers who inspire to improve

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