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Beiter V-Box

Beiter V-Box
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Beiter V-Box Beiter V-Box Beiter V-Box

Beiter V-Box

The Beiter V-BOX is the base of a multifunctional dampening system for stabilizer systems. The stiffness of the V-BOX can be modified with the interchangeable membranes which have different properties. The V-BOX enables all archers to custom tune their stabiliser setups.

The V-Box's efficent design dampens a large ammount of energy, meaning that your bow stays much more stable, allowing for a more accurate shot.

Kit contains:

  • 1x #3 Membrane (pre-installed)
  • 1 each x Membrane #1, #5 and #7
  • Spares: Screw, nut and washers
  • Hex Wrench 2mm

Check out the product images for the data sheet and diagram, click our below video for more information:


Andreas from Beiter has also made a video on the v-box which can be found here

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