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Bickerstaffe Shooting the English Longbow

Bickerstaffe Shooting the English Longbow
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Bickerstaffe Shooting the English Longbow

Shooting the English Longbow by Pip Bickerstaffe is a comprehensive guide to shooting traditional archery equipment for target archery, field archery, clout archery and heavy bows.

The second part of the book contains a series of notes that are based on the handouts from the national field archery society coaching notes originally written by Mrs Beryl Bickerstaffe.


  • Page 6: Dedication
  • Page 8: Foreword
  • Page 9: Acknowledgements
  • Page 10: Introduction
  • Page 11: Chapter One - An overview of the Basic Shooting Technique. Including ‘How we aim’
  • Page 22: Chapter Two - Selection of suitable Traditional Equipment. Including ‘Bracing your Bow!’
  • Page 29: Chapter Three - Basic Shooting Technique, Target Archery
  • Page 35: Chapter Four - Basic Shooting Technique, Field Archery
  • Page 40: Chapter Five - Basic Shooting Technique, Clout Archery
  • Page 43: Chapter Six - Basic Shooting Technique, Heavy Bows
  • Page 47: Chapter Seven - Summary, & Observing ‘Faults’. Including ‘Rogues Gallery!’
  • Page 54: Appendix - Handouts from the NFAS Coaching Course
  • Page 95: References - Just some of the archery books Worth reading
  • Page 96: About the Author
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