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1000th Arrows Archery Pack

 At Clickers we believe that young people are the future of our sport, and we need to engage with them at a young age.

That is why, when we were asked by Kate Moss from Archery GB  to work on a project for Primary School children, we jumped at the chance.

That project is what we now know as Arrows Archery, and today we reached a huge milestone, with the sale of the 1000th Pack.

Rather  than selling the pack we have decided to donate the pack to ‘Umbrella’,  complete with special 1000th Pack Target  Faces to mark the occasion.

Yes, some regard the pack as not being proper Archery as it uses a soft rubber sucker arrow.

But if every one of those packs is used by just 20 young people each week of the year,  that’s 1 Million Archery Sessions engaging young people with our sport. 


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