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In order to allow our staff enough time to serve you and ensure all our COVID safety measurements can be carried out including cleaning surfaces and products after an appointment, we have compiled the table below to give a guideline on how long of an appointment to book. Please consult this table in order to choose the length of your booking. If you are still unsure please don't hesitate to call or email and we will be happy to advise you better. There Is further info on the steps we have taken below the table, once you are ready you can use the 'book shop appointment' button above.

Sale Type Example Time Brief Explanation
Recurve Bow Purchase 1 1/2 Hours e.g - for existing recurve archers, requiring some setup work on the new bow.
Recurve Beginner Bow Kit 2 1/2 Hours e.g - for an archer new to shooting recurve, requiring a full set up on the new bow
Arrow - New Arrow Purchase 1 Hour e.g. - set of anywhere from 6 - 12 arrows, where the arrow spec needs to advised.
Buying several Items requiring testing 1 Hour e.g - several of the above type items
Compound Bow Sight + Scope Setup 1 Hour e.g - where a new sight and scope needs to be fitted and set up
Full Stabiliser Set Up 1 hour e.g. - trying V-Bars, long rods and short rods
Upgrading Limbs 1 Hour e.g - where the customer needs to try several sets of limbs
Arrow Repairs 1/2 Hour e.g - where you have arrows that need minor repairs
Arrow Replacements Purchase 1/2 Hour e.g - only 1 to 8 to be made up, and the arrow spec is already known
Button + Rest Set Up 1/2 Hour e.g - where a new button and rest need to be fitted and set up
Buying an Item requiring some testing 1/2 Hour e.g - a tab, puller, bow stand, quiver, case etc
Buying Small Items 1/2 Hour e.g - where you need help with your purchase - nocks, vanes, glue, quiver etc.
Clicker Set Up 1/2 Hour e.g - where a new clicker needs to be fitted and set up, arrows may be shortened
Recurve Sight Set Up 1/2 Hour e.g - where a new sight needs to be fitted and set up
Target/Boss Purchase 1/2 Hour e.g. - Rover target, Danage or layered foam boss provided they are in stock
Trade In Items 1/2 Hour e.g - when you are looking to trade items in please add this much extra time to your booking
Upgrading Limbs 1/2 Hour e.g - where the customer knows which limbs they want to buy
Compound Bow Purchase 2 Hours e.g - for existing compound archers, requiring some setup work on the new bow.
Recurve Bow Kits for 2 People 3 1/2 Hours e.g. - for a group of 2 people who want to be able to shoot together
Compound Bow Kit Purchase 4 Hours e.g - for an archer new to shooting compound, requiring a full set up on the new bow
Buying Small Items Click / Collect e.g - where you know what you need - nocks, vanes, glue, quiver etc.
Buying Target Faces / Pins Click / Collect  
2nd Hand Kit for Sale Not at Shop e.g - if you are looking for us to buy kit, you will need to take the kit to our warehouse
during our click & collect hours and leave it for us to evaluate it. This may take a few
days, please also see the restrictions on the type of kit we are buying in under second hand on our website

To all of our customers thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.

In accordance with government guidelines, we reopened our physical store in a limited capacity (Using an appointment system). We do ask though if you feel unwell, to protect other customers and our team that you postpone your visit to us, until you are better.

Many of you who have visited us in the past, will realize that due to the time it can sometimes take to look after customers, for the foreseeable future, we will not be able to re-open with the open-door policy that we have in the past.

In order for us to practice the best possible social distancing measures that we can, we will re-open using an appointment system. Appointments can be booked via our website, calling or emailing us.

For both, our teams and our customers' safety, all touchpoints, including equipment looked at will be cleaned with Antibacterial spray at the end of each appointment.

Antibacterial Hand Gel, will be available at the door for customers coming into the store to use. Any item of your equipment that our team member needs to touch to assist you, will be sprayed with antibacterial spray.

For some items in-store we may ask you to wear gloves, which we will provide due to the personal nature of those items.

Where possible we ask you to shop alone but understand for young people looking to purchase the equipment that they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Appointments are available from 30 minutes upwards, and you are able to book the time that you feel you will need. We have complied a timescale guide to assist you with that which can be found above. We have put some considerable time into drawing this list up to be as accurate as we can, but please bear with us during the early weeks that we are able to open. After reading the guide you can use the 'book appointment' button at the top of the page to book your preferred time slot.

We know that at peak times, the number of customers looking for appointments will be greater than the number we can offer. If you know what you are after and do not need to either try or have the item fitted, we please ask you to use our Click & Collect Service. These orders can be made via our website, phone or email, and will need to be pre-paid.

Items ordered under Click & Collect will be available to collect from our Warehouse premises in Norwich, not from our retail shop. Collection Days - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We will contact you to inform you once your order is ready to collect.

Sadly when we first re-open, the ‘Clickers’ hospitality of offering a tea or coffee will not be available. The shop does have a water cooler which you are welcome to use with the disposable cups located by the cooler.

We will, of course, review this constantly, like you, there is nothing more that we would like to do than to be able to return to our normal shop opening routine.

Thank you for your understanding

Graham Harris

CEO - Clickers Archery Ltd

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