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Cartel Midas 105 Bow Stand

Cartel Midas 105 Bow Stand
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Cartel Midas 105 Bow Stand

The Cartel Midas 105 Stand is a fantastic product. The legs loosen by unscrewing and then fold away for easy storage (all without detaching so they can't get lost). The stand is made from a lightweight yet durable aluminium construction.

The riser simply clicks into the grip at the top and the string clips onto to a holder on the stem which is adjustable.

On the underside of the stand there is a reversible metal ground spike, simply unscrew the spike, reverse it and then screw it back in - the metal ground spike sticks into soft ground when shooting outdoors which prevents the lightweight stand from moving around.

  • Aprox Weight: 220g
  • Aprox Height: 17"
  • Cartel Model Number: 850001

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