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Mathews TRX 38 Compound Bow

The Mathews TRX38 is a 38” axle to axle, 7 ½” brace height, version of the TRX models that have already become a proven bow. One new feature, is the TRX38 will come standard with the new V-Mod, in 70% let-off. The V-Mod offers a deeper valley.

The TRX38 Fills a gap between the TRX7/8 and the Halon X-Comp, it provides a shorter, stable for set up for Archers who are looking for a lighter set up.

This bow is definitely going to be a hit amongst all Archers, it will be at home on the outdoor, indoor and 3D range.

  • ATA - 38"

  • Speed – 328 fps

  • Brace Height - 7 1/2"

  • Mass Weight - 4.86lbs

  • Let Off - 70% or 80%

£1080.00 ($1,448.93 Approx)
Easton Protour Backpack

The Easton Pro Tour Recurve Backpack is a well designed case with the usual amazing build quality you expect from an Easton Product.

The Pro Tour case is one we used to stock until we were no longer able to obtain them, they proved to be a very popular case so when our supplier was able to get some more we jumped at the chance. We only have them in limited stock and are doing them at a special price so grab one whilst you can.

The Pro Tour backpack has a sleeve for your stabiliser long rod and a space for an arrow tube on the top (not included) and one of the pockets on the side has a zip compartment to store your short rods.

The other side zips open to the main compartment which is split into two sections. The first section is where the arrow tube sits and also allows enough room for your quiver and bow stand. The second section is held closed with a velcro strap and holds the sleeve for your riser and limbs which is removable - the sleeve can hold a 25" riser but if you use a 27" riser you will need to store it outside of the sleeve.

On the front of the case there are two reasonably sized zip pockets, the top one has a mesh zip pocket on the back and several pouches on the other side to hold all your miscellaneous items. The bottom zip pocket is much larger and again it has mesh zip pockets on the back but also features a removable accessories compartment to hold all your smaller parts and accessories.

To top it off the case comes with its own rain cover which has its own pocket at the top of the back of the case so you can keep the case dry when shooting in wet weather conditions. There is also a name tag slot on the back to help identify your case.

Apoximate case dimentions are 70cm tall x 39cm wide x 25cm Wide

£78.00 ($104.64 Approx)

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