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Hot Shot Nano Release Aid

Hot Shot Nano Release Aid
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Hot Shot Nano Release Aid

Hot Shot Nano Release Aid. The release head of the Hot Shot Nano is truly tiny, resulting in a compact, user friendly design that is comfortable to use and unobtrusive on the field.

Using Hot Shot's “Lever-Link” trigger, the Nano affords the possibility of minimal trigger creep for a crisp shot and precise trigger pull every time. This strong, reliable actuating mechanism features less friction than traditional roller bearings and provides little opportunity for dirt and debris to enter the release and affect function.

As with all Hot Shot index finger release aids, the trigger and internal components are comprised of a proprietary alloy that is essentially “self lubricating”, a feature that further promotes ultra-smooth function from this micro-masterpiece.

The Nano’s trigger tension and travel is easily adjustable by way of a single allenhead set screw. An improved nylon tether system utilizes Hot Shot’s synch-plate buckle to eliminates release head slippage and promotes greater ability to adjust your releases length to exact specifications.

Features a flexible, soft-lined leather wrist strap with secure Velcro closure, providing a wide range of fine diameter adjustments.

Please note: trigger colour may vary (orange to match jaw).

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